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25 headers/blends of Jared & Jensen from Asylum.

Not dial-up friendly!

Heaven, Hell and in between.. )
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You know from my previous post that i was very disappointed with my Winchester Squeeze photo!
I was pulling a face..worse than my individual ones and you had to catch a taxi to Jared..LOL!

Well the lovely [livejournal.com profile] mrsr58 fixed it for me! So now I have this to look at *g*..

Also wanted to show you something very quick and easy you can do with your photos in photobucket! All you do for this one is edit, effects, old photo..it's that easy!

And I don't know about you, but I have the post Con blues..especially when I think about what I was doing this time last weekend! It's been a week already!
So I made myself a new header with photos from [livejournal.com profile] nyaubaby, so each time I open LJ I see this gorgeous man !

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It lived up to it's name.. Heaven and Hell!

Hell was Friday, by the end of it I was near to tears and just wanted to come home! After all the travelling and then continuously queuing for five hours with no air conditioning..registration, the J2 photo session and my Jensen auto tickets were missing from my pack so sorting that out. I'd left home at 8am and by this time it was gone 8pm and I'd had one drink since I arrived.
Then I got my J2 photo back..and I looked horrible, it looked as if I was grimacing! So all that anticipation and then :-( ...especially as Jensen..no beard and longer hair!*g*

It got better :-) And the heaven was getting a mega watt smile and a wink from Jensen at the autograph session on Sunday, I floated out of that room after that..LOL!

The guests were all great! I loved meeting Jared, and I laughed so much at Misha..he is so sarcastic! But this is my happy place..

*sighs happily*

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May. 25th, 2009 06:04 pm
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Hubby got my case down out of the attic today and now I'm starting to get nervous..

Hopefully if the trains and underground run okay I should get to the Hilton about 12 midday on Friday.

I'm not really stuck up or standoffish, although I've been told in the past that I can give that impression..I'm just really shy! In social situations I'm the wallflower..LOL!

I promise I don't bite , so if you want to say hello you're more than welcome!

Normally if I see a camera, I'm off in the other direction, but for the sake of this I did get Gemma to take a pic of me yesterday.

So this is me.. )

Hope everyone else is more organized than I am..haven't sorted out what I'm having signed yet and knowing me packing will be last minute..
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Things to say but I'm not going to say them..LOL! I think peeps like [livejournal.com profile] gaelicspirit & [livejournal.com profile] poisontaster to name but 2 have summed up pretty much how I felt about it.

I'll just add that I enjoyed it, probably my least favourite of the 4 finales, but the overall feeling is one of relief!

Right now I'm feeling meh though..LOL! That feeling when you come back down to earth with a bump..that's me. It's been a ride and now another 4 months before I can take it again.
Thankfull though that it isn't this time next year, and it's all over.

Had something nice in the post today :-) A couple of weeks ago Bonusprint were offering a free A5 photobook, just had to pay P&P!
So I made one up of pics of Jensen and Jared from the last year, and some of my Dean and Sam graphics from the season 3 finale and S4 up to The Rapture. And I'm really pleased how it printed out.

I'm going to take it to Asylum. There is nothing naughty in there so I'm hoping Jared and Jensen will sign it okay.

A heads up..I need to make much more headway into my Big Bang assignments before i do anything for 4.22.

Have a good weekend!
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So today is the day for claiming for Big Bang and I'm getting in a bit of a stew already! LOL! They aren't up yet..

How am I supposed to choose from a paragraph of summary..and then I might not like it..or they might think oh noes not her..or/and then I don't do the fic justice.

I'm knee twitching, leg banging here..LOL!

Doesn't help that I'm trying to book my rail ticket for Asylum and their system crashed..so that's not done either.

So I've finished the headers/blends for The Rapture..but now I don't know/ can't decide wether to do icons or not...

And I'm really late and way behind with comments, and feeling bad about that....

So I think I need to take a deep breath, get some lunch and take Chloe to the park before it rains..sounds like a plan!
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Changed my header [livejournal.com profile] apieceofcake It's not surprising who it is, or why!
I'm totally predictable...LOL!

Anyone else having trouble concentrating on anything else today?

And blimey it's a week since the start of Asylum already! I made a pretty from my pic for my user info. Don't think I'm entirely happy with it though, so i may change it!

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Jesus...damn you Kripke! I already woke up this morning with a sore throat and a red eye..and then..and..

Now I've gotta stop thinking about it fast, because I have gotta catch 2 trains and a tube to Coventry..and if I don't I'm gonna end up in the wrong place..LOL!

Okay..this is last week..none of it happened..lalala!

Right now I have seen it, I am off to Asylum ..have a good weekend everyone!
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for Jensen to lose that beard for Asylum?


I just knew he'd grow one, and I hate them..LOL! Such a shame to cover up that pretty face...
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Okay close your ears cause I'm going to ASYLUM!! Squee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay you can open them again now ;-)

When I had the money to book back in January, it had sold out a few days earlier :-( So I thought that was that.. until five weeks ago I didn't even know there was a waiting list!
I emailed and put my name down on it and today I got one back saying that some tickets were available if I was still interested? Damn straight...LOL! Checked with Hubby and got straight on and booked :-)

Thanks to having a lovely understanding Hubby that's me going *BG* and I'll get to be Jo for 3 days and not Mum :-).
So I shall be all on my loneseome though, so I'm hoping that those going on my flist will take pity on me and say hi over the course of the weekend.

Now I've got to work out how to get there and find somewhere to stay...

Okay you better close those ears again....


Oh Yeah..

Dec. 8th, 2006 01:51 pm
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Heads in the clouds today, so don't expect me to make a whole lot of sense ..not that I do usually!!! LOL!

Woke up to the news that Jensen is going to be over here at Asylum !
There are a bunch of reasons I shouldn't even be thinking about going..but DAMN IT, I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!! *big sigh*

Then I watched Croatoan...major kick-ass, heart in the mouth ep..but...BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEEEEEEEP! For doing *that*

Last night I watched some clips of Jensen in Days Of Our Lives :-) That used to be shown over here and I got into that and Another World way back when I was on maternity leave expecting Lauren & Gemma!
Eric Brady wasn't in it then, but I remember I didn't like his twin sister much..always scheming.. and unfortunately they stopped showing it before Jensen was on it.
Ah...wasn't he cute!!!! Just wanted to mother him..LOL! Jensen now..well...my feelings aren't motherly ;-).....

Other shows...BONES...the ending this week with Jasper the pig...cuteness :-)

HEROES..I've been waiting for this and we will be getting it on the SCi-FI channel in February at the same time as Prison Break is going to be on! *sigh* I'll have to wait for BBC2.

Okay back to the clouds... :-)


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