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[livejournal.com profile] ina_ami has been posting some rememember S4 screencaps. As I was looking at them this morning, I threw some of them together and made 19 simple banners.

Your prison is walking through this world all alone. )
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Icons, banners, headers and a wallpaper from SPN 4.07.

Not dial-up friendly!

Broken promises..shattered dreams... )
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Icons, banners, headers and walls from SPN 4.06 Yellow fever.

Not dial-up friendly!

My favourite is too spoilery for a preview so..

I'll man the flashlight.. )
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Icons, banners & headers from SPN 4.05 Monster Movie.

Not dial-up friendly!

Now playing at... )
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Well after last week, I found these were a piece of cake! Okay..stop groaning..I couldn't resist that LOL!

Icons, banners, headers, lovebars and a wallpaper from 4.03 In The Beginning.

Not dial-up friendly!

This way... )
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I liked the episode, but this was like pulling teeth... I think it was the lighting..I had to either really soften, or go grungy. Still think they suck..LOL!

Icons, banners & headers from SPN 4.02 Are you there, God? It's me, Dean Winchester.

Not dial-up friendly!

I'm not a cheeseburger! )
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Damn logos! you find a shot you want to use and then it's all over their face..*headdesk*. They should be outlawed :-(

Icons, banners, headers and wallpapers from SPN 4.01 Lazarus Rising.

Not dial-up friendly.

Mmmmm...perky nipples... )
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Sam was feeling neglected....

The lovely Louise, [livejournal.com profile] willoweese posted a a smiley Sam picspam here, so I made some simple banners from it.


8 more )
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Yep, I know everyone is doing these..but Chevy made me!! ;-) *huggles*

Here be a few icons, some banners, headers and a wallpaper.


1 2 3

More here.. )
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After today Hubby has a weeks holiday from work..so hopefully the weather is going to be okay, we can get out and about and I won't be around much.

So I got the next of the suggested graphics finished..BUABS! It's one of my favourites :-)

Icons, banners, headers, wallpapers and lovebars.

NOT dial-up friendly!


1 2 3 4

Dude, you, like, full on had a girl inside you for a full week. That's pretty naughty. )
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It's bloody typical...

Yesterday morning I switched on the comp, drooled over the Jensen and Jared CC pics that had surfaced so far..saved some and then was all set to watch the videos of the SPN panel..and my internet connection went down!! GRR!!!

Okay so I thought I'd make some icons with the pics I'd saved while I waited for it to be fixed..only it didn't :-( So then i went on and did some more for BUABS. In the evening still no internet so I watched WIAWSNB, FPB, the Heroes finale, and 2 eps of Without A Trace..LOL!

When I went to bed my brain wouldn't switch off, the bedroom was like a sauna and then it started storming..so no sleep for me! It was after 4am when I finally drifted off!

This morning switched on the comp..still no internet connection, so one very grouchy Jo today!

It finally came back about 4pm so I thought I get these posted which I did yesterday, before I try and play catch up!

Mainly icons, but there is one banner size, 2 header size and a couple of profile pic thingies.


1 2 3

More here.. )
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Next of the suggested graphics..Shadow.

30 icons
4 lovebars
5 wallpapers
19 banners
14 headers

Not dial-up friendly!


Did you ever know that you're my hero,and everything I would like to be? )

Next up will probably be BUABS.
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Jared pic thanks to [livejournal.com profile] keepaofthecheez who gave him his moles back :-)

I've had one of those days where I couldn't make my mind up about colours, and the more I look at them the more blah I feel about them so i think I'm just gonna inflict them on my flist..LOL! Sorry..love you really!

Made some banners, then sidebar size and then a header. But as I couldn't make up my mind to colour, there are variations..


He's too sexy for his shirt.. )

And there is a new story in the J2 Sundownverse

Nice to read just before bed *g* Night all, sweet dreams ;-)
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Banners, headers, a wallpaper and some icons.

Warning, Image heavy not dial-up friendly.

Feel free to re-size, add text etc, but please don't hotlink.


Read more... )
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Some banners and a whole heap of headers, so not dial-up friendly.

Want, take, have, re-size, add text..but please don't hotlink!

Been here too many times before... )
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Big ole graphics post, not dial-up friendly!

22 Headers
3 Walls
5 Lovebars
6 Banners

Feel free to re-size and add text. Please don't hotlink!

Everything that you fear is calling you and drawing near..the demons in your dreams.. )
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3 banners and 22 headers.

Non spoilery preview:

Not dial-up friendly. Feel free to re-size etc, but please don't hotlink!

Maggot free zone this way... )
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Thought we'd have some Sam ahead of Dean's birthday..

Season 2 Sam
25 banners
7 headers

Not dial-up friendly.


A couple of severed heads and a pile of dead cows and you're Mr. Sunshine... )
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Used a manip by [livejournal.com profile] emily_spn and made some Icons, banners and headers with it.

Not dial-up friendly.


Take my breath away,My Love,Take my breath away... )


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