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I've had an email from Photobucket to say it's been corrected, so let's try this again..

22 headers/blends
11 Walls
4 Pics

Big post so they are all in clickable thumbs.

This way... )

Hopefully you should be able to click on them and actually get the graphic this time!
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25 Headers/Blends

Not dial-up friendly

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25 Headers/Blends

Not dial-up friendly.

Swan Song.. )
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27 Headers/Blends

Not dial-up friendly!

Sam Interrupted.. )
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40 headers/blends
20 icons
for SPN 5.13

Not dial-up friendly!

The Song Remains The Same.. )
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20 headers/blends

Feel free to re-size and add text.
Please don't hotlink! Thanks!

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I need a good kick up the arse, I just can't get myself going. And when I'm down I eat, so instead of stuffing my face I did these..

Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] mrsr58 for the use of her lovely photo ops :-)

Feel free to take but please don't hotlink, or claim as your own. Thanks!

You'll need to click a few times for full size.



Colouring variation:

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66 headers and blends in clickable thumbnails.

Don't walk away..when the world is burning.. )
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Felt the need to get off the internet today before I blew a gasket, so I did more of these instead. I was going to do JIB but I haven't seen any good quality pics yet.

29 headers/blends

Not dial-up friendly!

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Zip file of the 3 posts included.
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I'm nursing my sick computer so I'm uploading these before it goes again. For that reason I'm going to be slow responding to comments, but I do appreciate them.

19 headers/blends from [livejournal.com profile] wolfpup2000"s lovely photos!

When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do is take a look at you.. )
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Having just drooled over [livejournal.com profile] wolfpup2000's panel pics I know there are more of these I want to do. And knowing my tendancy to go overboard I'm going to go ahead and post those I have already done and call this post 1 of I don't know..LOL!

15 simple headers/blends

Feel free to re-size and add text.
Please don't hotlink!

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