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Started doing these the back end of last season, so I thought I'd continue. But if you have had enough of these already on LJ, and it's overkill please speak up, thanks!

Cropped, coloured and played with the screencaps.

Not harmful to your waistline ;-) )
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I was over at the new site for Sean SeanMaher.info, drooling ...especially at the screencaps for Living Till The End as I haven't seen that yet.

So a little bit of Sean for you to drool over too :-)
As usual I have played with the pics a little, but the originals all come from there.

The Pretty... )
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25 is a bit better..don't feel quite so Mrs Robinsonish..LOL!

Some pics Big Jay )
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I was cropping and colouring some screencaps of What Is and What Shall Never Be, to do a black & white picspam, when Jensen's eyes on one of them grabbed me and demanded otherwise..LOL!

So here is a colour and B&W picspam..55 pics, mainly headshots from Ep 20.

We've lost so much.. )
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The things I start doing at 1am in the morning..LOL!

Cropped, changed to B&W, and played with sharpness, softness of various caps for Folsom Prison Blues.
Some turned out better than others depending on the cap, but here they be..

There is nothing I wouldn't do to Keep You safe.. )
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Over 100 pics, all of which I have run through Paintshop. Some I've coloured, some croped and lots I've changed to black and white.

Roses are red, violets are blue, Jensen's hot!.. What? you think so too.. )
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Seeing as it's ASH's birthday, I'm feeling nostalgic and I miss Mr Giles..here's a picspam :-)

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