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I think I have sat on these long enough, although I did add some more :-)

22 headers/blends
4 lovebars

Not dial-up friendly.

It's not my life.. )
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Well after last week, I found these were a piece of cake! Okay..stop groaning..I couldn't resist that LOL!

Icons, banners, headers, lovebars and a wallpaper from 4.03 In The Beginning.

Not dial-up friendly!

This way... )
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After today Hubby has a weeks holiday from work..so hopefully the weather is going to be okay, we can get out and about and I won't be around much.

So I got the next of the suggested graphics finished..BUABS! It's one of my favourites :-)

Icons, banners, headers, wallpapers and lovebars.

NOT dial-up friendly!


1 2 3 4

Dude, you, like, full on had a girl inside you for a full week. That's pretty naughty. )
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Next of the suggested graphics..Shadow.

30 icons
4 lovebars
5 wallpapers
19 banners
14 headers

Not dial-up friendly!


Did you ever know that you're my hero,and everything I would like to be? )

Next up will probably be BUABS.
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First of the shareable suggested graphics, BSG!

Must admit to being nervous..LOL! I'm so used to doing SPN, SPN..and oh yeah SPN ..apart from some ATS and a few Firefly when I first started out with PSP, I haven't really done much else!

Anyways, these are all textless..so feel free to add, or I'll do it for you.

All shareable:
26 Icons
2 Lovebars
9 Headers
3 Wallpapers

1 2 3

Read more... )
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I have been doing this for a while but I kept getting sidetracked by certain photos ;-)

Season 1 Episode "Faith"

Dean/Layla Lovebar
30 Headers

Want , take, have, enjoy, add text, re-size, but please don't hotlink!

Warning, not dial-up friendly!

I looked into your heart, and you just stood out from the rest )
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Big ole graphics post, not dial-up friendly!

22 Headers
3 Walls
5 Lovebars
6 Banners

Feel free to re-size and add text. Please don't hotlink!

Everything that you fear is calling you and drawing near..the demons in your dreams.. )
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Made a wallpaper, two headers, a lovebar and a couple of pics.

Wall preview:

Pretty as a picture.. )
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Made some lovebars:

Jared and Jensen
Sam and Dean.

Not dial-up friendly. Follow me.. )
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Walls, headers/banners, lovebars/colourbars, a few icons and a picspam!

Warning: Image heavy.

One Good Man.. )
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Here be a wallpaper, headers/banners, posters, icons, lovebars and a magazine cover.

Warning:Image Heavy.

Really, Lady, I'm fine.. )
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This is the first time I have signed up for anything, and I must admit I found it quite daunting. Then Papa Winchester threatened to rocksalt my arse and as soon as I done one for him the rest sorta fell into place..LOL!

2 wallpapers
12 headers/banners
8 lovebars/colourbars
48 icons

I am so proud of you )
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Jesus Christ Jensen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to pick myself off the floor this morning..LOL!

When I did I changed them to black & white, the couple that where already b&w I changed colour slightly, made a lovebar and some Icon bases.

This Way.. )
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This is what happens when I end up stressing all day not being able to get to see Nightshifter..LOL!
Which I have now seen btw..loved it, but Dean honey loose that shirt!

Jared lovebars
Jensen lovebars
Jared & Jensen lovebars
& a bunch of pencil effect graphics.


We are so screwed! )
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Made 10 Supernatural related lovebars ..colour and black & white variations.

Of a young Jensen/Dean
Dean & Sam


Quite pleased with how these turned out :-)

Beware of the pretty!  )


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