Mar. 1st, 2011 02:42 pm
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Happy Birthday Jensen !!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


The birthday boy...not dial-up friendly! )
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28 today!

Click for full size 1054 x 1054

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Happy Birthday Sammy !!

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It is just into the 24th here now. And as I might not have time later today , I'm posting before I go to bed.

Happy Birthday Dean!!

60 Pics and NOT dial-up friendly!

Dean Winchester who's given new meaning to pie and pudding.. )
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Cross posting to my personal journal.

I got another year older on Monday. Didn't do anything..there was snow on the ground from Sunday, Gemma was off school we just ordered in Chinese in the evening..and of course there was chocolate gateau *g*

Anyways you guys really did brighten my day :-)

Thank you all, for your birthday wishes,icons, manips, virtual gifts, sparkly gifs, pretty pics, PM's, cards and ecards!

And I had sexy Dean to music here.

And J2 fic here.

I was one lucky lady :-)

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I know you and I haven't been the best of friends this season, but I do love you and now I just wanna give you a hug!

Happy Birthday Sammy!

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Wishing [ profile] mini_moue & [ profile] ina_ami a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Dreamwidth - I signed up with open-id and so I got my invite today. I've no intention of leaving livejournal so I don't know wether i will do anything with it, but this is me..

4.20 I was OMG and watching the promos for the last 2 eps gave me the shakes! So way to go SPN..can it be next Friday already please?

Oh and apparently..
Today has been declared lurker amnesty day! Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so.
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Wishing very Happy Birthdays to [ profile] justforspite and [ profile] maristelasoares !! xx.


And Happy Valentines Day !! hearts & huggles everyone xoxo.


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Wishing [ profile] gaelicspirit and [ profile] racefan very HAPPY BIRTHDAYS !! xx.



Ooops..sorry..looks like Dean got there first ;-)

And a vid rec via [ profile] talulababy

Permanent (Gen) by JessicaRae

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The girls were supposed to go back to School today, but we woke up to snow! ..bleh. So the Schools were closed. We didn't have alot, but SE England grinds to a halt when we do.

Anyways that wasn't the point of this post..yesterday I turned old enough to officially have a mid life crisis..ACK..LOL!. And my cheeky family kept adding a few years on!
My birthday is always pretty low key these days, we don't do anything as there is never any money left after Christmas, so I was quite touched and I just wanted to say thank you..

Thank you for all your messages, posts, picspams, cards, icons, banners, virtual gifts and wishes I received :-)

And thank you to whom ever the kind person was that gifted my journal with some paid time..that's one less thing I have to find now before Asylum !



and huggles you all !!

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They have just come and fitted a new fan in the computer :-).

I thought having a new one it would be quiet, but it's still noisy ! It got past start up we shall see!

I missed some birthdays! Sorry!

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to [ profile] acousticmuse, [ profile] deanandsam and [ profile] mands_angelfox.

Hope you all had good ones!

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I miss John...

Title: Silence Cast to Night Skies
Author:[ profile] tahirire
Summary:Set: Pre series. H/C. John and Dean.

Fic was partially inspired by this video by [ profile] lotr_lemmy

He's My Son..

Now off to start [ profile] leonidasden's bigbang fic. It's 200,000 words I might be gone a while ;-)

Before I do, I want to wish [ profile] frayen a very

Happy Birthday Selena!!

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Lauren broke her right ankle on both sides. She had an operation to put a pin in it yesterday, and she came home this afternoon :-)

And yeah I may be can't wrap them in cotton wool..but i'm not letting my kids on a trampoline in future! She didn't even come off it, and she was the FIFTH trampoline injury they had in A&E that day. That was just one day in ONE hospital!!
One Saturday another girl was admitted to Laurens ward with a double break to her arm..and yep..trampoline!!

THANK YOU for all the well wishes and support

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, I have an awesome flist :-)

Sorry I've missed bucketloads of your posts, and I'm gonna be slow to reply to your comments for a while..but i do appreciate them!

ACK! I missed the Torchwood finale on Friday :-(..good job there is a repeat on Tuesday. And it hasn't freakin' well stopped snowing all day today! Snow in England in April!! *er*

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to [ profile] stillabet, hope you had a good one Sarah!
And [ profile] zinah

for today!!


Oh and I'm so jealous of those at Eyecon right now ;-)..LOL!

Okay I'll shut-up now!
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Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Hayley!!! :-)

Hope you have recovered from your move.


And Jensen *THUD, OMG, DIES*

SPN Media

From [ profile] nyaubaby

ATTENTION PLEASE! First, this is not a late April fools joke. Possibly quite unbelievable, but (breathtaking) season 3 promotion pictures featuring Jensen Ackles have been released today! So stay tuned for updates.

April 2, 2008

*flails* :-)

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Those that like less smooching and more plot will really enjoy this one!

Parting Gifts by [ profile] frostian.
Rating: R for violence
Word Count: approximately 33,000
Summary: Jared Padalecki lost his husband, Jensen Ackles, through neglect. Then the real nightmare begins when a group kidnaps Jensen and ransoms him for fifteen million dollars. The problem isn't paying the money: it's getting Jensen back alive and in one piece.

And Rosanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [ profile] zonikita, thank you very much for my chocolate easter bunnies!! That was a lovely suprise that came in the post today :-) *huggles you*

Also wishing you a very
[ profile] killerweasel

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Some Dean, Sam, John, Jensen and Jared.

Be my valentine... )

Thank you Amber [ profile] sweet_silence01 for my rose!! :-) *huggles*

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] maristelasoares and [ profile] justforspite


Feb. 10th, 2008 10:54 am
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So much pretty..

Title: Some Things Get Lost
Artist: Alice Peacock
Summary: Some things get lost, some things just disappear, but not my love for you, I'll keep that close and near.
A video about Jared and Jensen's relationship, and the end of it.

Video by herebutnotremembered. Download and feedback here.

And wishing [ profile] sway4829 and [ profile] katriel1987 very

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Dear Flist,

Thank you very much for all the wishes, emails, e-cards, blinkies, drawings, picspams, virtual gifts, Dean banner, and Sam/Dean drabble, you sent/posted for my birthday yesterday!!

I have an awesome flist and I was touched , and at times gobsmaked..LOL!

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!

*Many huggles*



Didn't do anything special, but it was a damn sight better than last year when amongst other things the window got smashed again.

The girls don't go back to school until Monday, so Lauren and I watched Hairspray which she got for Xmas.
Whilst I was impressed with John Travolta in that getup, and Michelle Pfeiffer who has always been one of my favourite actresses..Lauren was crushing over Zac Efron..LOL!

We had Chinese for dinner, and no I didn't have any birthday cake! I wasn't going to bake my own one, so Gemma turned round and said she was going to put candles on a Christmas Pudding!! So that's what we did..LMAO!!

After I got Chloe to bed, I was where else but on the computer! Only I saw this awesome Dean Winchester S2 picspam by [ profile] justfreefallin, and that was me gone...spent the next couple of hours making Dean banners..20 of them! And that was only half way through the picspam! I'm hopeless..

Then I finished off the evening by reading a fic where Jensen falls ill on a flight to Australia *g*. Sick Jensen or Dean is one of my major kinks, so I went to bed happy!!!

Took me hell of a long time to get to sleep though, I just couldn't switch off.

ETA: Vae wrote me more Sean/Jensen fic, it's in the comments *g* SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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And pretty pic of Jared :-)

New pics at WinchesterBros.Com


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